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Balloon Decorations
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Balloon Decorations
Balloon decorations are perfect for brightening up a plain function room or corporate office. Set the mood for your party with balloons. We offer a diverse selection of balloon decor so you can choose just the right theme for your event.
Our balloon decorations are available all across Singapore and are suitable for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, school celebrations. Just let us know the theme with budget and we will customise the design and concept for you.

Balloon Columns
Choose your own designs and colours to suit your events and birthday parties ! You can also add our designer balloon sculptures to the columns to make it unique! Select the colours you want to suit your theme or your corporate colours! You can have a big round topper balloon or a microfoil balloon. Choose a height which is suitable.

Cannot find a foil balloon design which fit your theme? Add our balloon sculpture or print your logo / product picture and add them to your columns because anything is possible with our artists!
We can get creative with our balloon columns. For instance, if you have a car themed or transport themed party, we can design our balloon columns to look like traffic lights! Make palm trees for a Jungle theme party. Get into the holiday season mood with our Christmas Tree Balloon Columns topped with a microfoil Star balloon for your Christmas party. You can also add balloon Christmas ornaments to create a colour effect for your tree! Princess, Santa, fortune god, toy soldier and other types of figurines are possible!
Price: from $240 for a pair of columns. (inclusive of delivery)

Balloon Arch
Choose your colours to suit your theme! You can also add our designer balloon sculptures to the arches to make it unique!
You can add jumbo microfoil letters, add balloon sculptures. Create a grand entrance for your school’s graduation party, themed birthday parties, New Year’s Countdown event, corporate event and much more!
Add that to your dessert table to create a special touch and draw the guests’ attention with colours of the balloons.
Price: from $350. (inclusive of delivery)

Organic Balloon Arches and Columns
Organic balloon decor is a beautiful style of sculpture that attempts to mimic the beauty in nature with organically placed balloons throughout the piece.
When organic decor is put together well, there is an elegant design that comes together and can really set the mood of an event space. Add an artistic touch with these balloon arches.

Helium and Microfoil Balloon Decorations
Buy individual balloons or as a bouquet! A great and economical way to fill your venue with colours using these balloons!

Use transparent balloons for bubbles for Under the sea theme party decorations. Use Helium Balloons with Jumbo Star Microfoil of Classy colours for a celebrity themed event. Pink Helium Balloons are Perfect for Princess themed birthday party. We have balloons for Superhero theme party, Baby Shower, etc.

Microfoil balloons includes Dinosaur Balloon Bouquet, Cars Balloon Bouquet,My Little Pony Balloon Bouquet, etc. Many themed designs are available!

Round Helium Balloons: from $2/pc ($30 delivery fees)
Microfoil Balloons: from $8/pc
Package of 120 pcs of round helium balloons (standard colours only): $240 (inclusive of delivery)
Package of 30 helium balloons and a bouquet of 5 microfoil balloons (themed): $150-180 (inclusive of delivery)

Frequently asked questions:
1. Is transportation and set up included in the package price?
Yes, all-inclusive, no hidden cost.

2.Can I mix and match different decorations from your collection?
Yes, do drop us a message to find out more.

3. How long will you take to set up?
Depending on the setup. In general 1-1.5hours.

4. Am I able to postpone or cancel my package due to COVID?
Yes, we are more flexible now given the difficult time. Cancellation may be tricky if we have already started our work on your project. For postponement, it is just subjected to availability.

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