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The Wedding Showmaster - 8 in 1 wedding service
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How to plan out an entertaining and memorable wedding now (in ONE HOUR) without the stress on you and your friends!
Wedding couples for 2020 & 2021
It has been stressful and challenging for wedding planning due to COVID-19. Many weddings have been pushed back to this year-end or 2021!

1. You are unsure how to start planning a good wedding due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, which means building up of stress and pressure on you and your partner.
2. You are feeling worried and lost on what to do, as you don’t have an experience person to guide you. This means you may end up missing important details on your big day that can be too late to resolve.
3. You have to figure out things on your own, which means you may end up making wrong decisions, waste time, effort and money. This may even lead to arguments and hurts the relationship with your partner.
4. You are concerned that your wedding may be boring, which means it is forgettable where your guests just come, eat and go!
5. You have to trouble and stress your friends to help you, that means they can’t sit down and enjoy your celebration. To make matters worse, you are opening up to possible hiccups because of their lack of event experience. Your wedding may end up a disaster, after spending so much money and effort!

1. Your wedding is so entertaining and memorable that your guests will remember and talk about it after the event.
2. You are enjoying a better coordinated celebration without worrying about hiccups as there is someone experienced to resolve and cover if any. You are relaxed and spending good time with your guests.
3. You are not stressed as you are well-prepared with all important details.
4. Your guests are enjoying the wedding with good music entertainment and a professional emcee on stage engaging them in an uplifting atmosphere. They complement you for such a memorable wedding celebration.

Wedding couples, all these can be true for you! And here’s how you can get there.!

The Wedding Showmaster - 8 in 1 wedding service
More than a wedding emcee, Linus is a Wedding Showmaster. He makes your dream celebration come true with his signature 8 in 1 service. He will:

1. Tailor-make wedding programme with you
> so that you can customize your wedding programme,
which means you can realize your dream celebration and not have another templated wedding.

2. Provide guidance to start your preparation and highlight important details
> so that you will know what important details to prepare and look out for,
which means you will be better prepared, less stressed, not missed out details or waste time.

3. Run your celebration programme
> so that you can have a better coordinated wedding,
which means you don’t have to worry and can spend time with your guests.
> so that you can free up your friends during your banquet,
which means they can relax and enjoy your wedding.

4. Host professionally in bilingual
> so that your guests are engaged in a more uplifting atmosphere,
which means you will have a more lively and stylish celebration instead of a boring wedding, and also not stressing your untrained friends to emcee and read from script.

5. Perform live piano and singing for music entertainment
> so that there will be live music performance of 10 jazz or pop songs,
which means you will have an entertaining celebration for your guests without spending more money to hire additional live band.

6. Create a theme-based celebration
> so that your wedding can be of a theme concept,
which means you will have a more special wedding than others.

7. Recommend and arrange all your wedding music
> so that you will have the right music for your march-ins and dining,
which mean you don’t have to stress about choosing music or worry about the music ambience.

8. Introduce the "Six pillars of a Strong Marriage" message
> so that your wedding can be inspirational,
which means you can encourage your guests about building strong marriage through your event.

As a Wedding Showmaster, Linus is your
1. Event Director & Planner
2. Wedding Consultant
3. Professional Wedding Emcee
4. Live Wedding Musician - Pianist & Singer
5. Music Consultant

1. Another templated wedding celebration
2. A stressful preparation and worrisome celebration
3. A forgettable celebration, where your guests just come, eat and go
4. An event opened for hiccups, when you have sent so much money preparing for it
5. Stressful and troublesome for your friends, who have little event experience
Most important question. What will it cost?
Regular Price - $1900
Wedding Emcee ($600) + Solo Vocal & Pianist ($800) + Programme Director & Music Consultant ($500)

But for a limited period, it is this price right now!
Special price right now!
$688 nett (Limited period)
Yes, for all 8 in 1 Wedding Showmaster service!

What’s more?
We will give a special BONUS…
You will receive a FREE beautiful WEDDING PHOTO MONTAGE VIDEO creation from us!
One less headache off your mind!

Frequently asked questions:
1. What languages are you fluent in?
I am good to host in English, Mandarin which are sufficient for local weddings. I can add in a touch of Cantonese too.

2. Are there any other alternatives for the entertainment segment since singing is not allowed during the covid period?
As live performance is not allowed at the moment, my music performance will be through pre-recorded videos

3. Can I make song requests?
Yes, couples can make song requests for my performance but prior to the celebration. I always advise couples to consider song choices based on their guests which the entertainment is meant for.

4. Am I able to postpone or cancel my package due to COVID?
Couples are allowed to postpone their weddings with no penalty fees due to COVID. We just need to find an alternative date that we all fit in.
There will be no refund of deposit if couples choose to cancel the package.

Cancellation Policy: • Where cancellation occurs before 1 months or over before event, cancellation shall only incur the loss of the booking deposit. • Where cancellation occurs within 1 month of the event, 50% of the booking fee will be applicable.
8 Burn Road #15-13 Trivex Singapore, Singapore 369977
About the service provider

“Voted as Top 5 Singapore Wedding Emcee” “15 years in wedding hosting and event , 20 years as a performing musician” Linus has been in wedding hosting for 15 years. He has also been voted as Top 5 Singapore Wedding Emcee. Adding onto that, Linus is also an established pianist in Singapore for the past 20 years, having performed internationally. More than a wedding emcee, Linus is a Wedding Showmaster who hosts, performs with his pop Jazz piano and singing, conceptualizes and directs your wedding event. He is here to make your wedding more entertaining, fun, memorable and most of all less stressful, with little spending. Linus can also choreographs you to dance or sing, to realize your dream musical wedding. Linus desires to use his strength to be a blessing to more couples and help them create their best celebration, regardless whether it is a grand or small intimate wedding. It is also his mission to advocate the building of strong marriage through his given platform on-stage or off-stage with his interaction with wedding couples and guests.

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