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Having everything go smoothly on your #Big Day is not easy. You need someone who understands the bride and groom, someone experienced enough to anticipate situations, plan ahead, and give the couple tips for success. Most importantly, you need a friend to ease your worries so you both can just enjoy and focus on creating memories on the biggest day of your life! With almost 6 years of experience, up and coming award-winning host Elias (#EmceeElias) is a former radio DJ for the number 1 English radio program in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is passionate at what he does, confident at what he says, and adaptable to sudden changes. Being bilingual with English and Mandarin, he is also able to connect to your audience and bring joy and happiness to everyone, regardless of young and old! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a call or text to see how I can make your wedding day even more special :)

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